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From the End of One War to the Next

By Wang Zicheng in “essay” on September 2, 2023

A general analysis of US nationalism from 1945 to 1947.The idea of nationalism has existed in the academic circle since 18 centuries with the French Revolution and the US Independence (Roeder, Philip G, 2007), and so far it provided a great approach for historians and sociologists to understand and analyze the driving factors that are behind certain historic events. Such works reached a peak in the 19th and 20th century, due to the widespread eme...

Importance of Male Muscularity in Mating Process

By Wang Zicheng in “essay” on September 1, 2023

From the perspective of evolution, basically, everything we have seen on different species today has certain reasons that lie in the process of natural selection which has continued today since the dawn of time. Although from pure appearance, we human is not much more special or complicated than any other animals, in the realm of behavioral sciences, we most certainly are due to our more advanced social and behavioral practice that came right alo...

Cross comparison between US in 1930s and Chinese non-aligned policy

By Wang Zicheng in “essay” on September 1, 2023

The study of neutrality has always been concentrated on the “important” forces in the world for very realistic reasons, such as their existence can affect other countries and regions, even alter the concepts of neutrality itself.As we turn our sights to modern history, America was definitely one important case for the study of neutrality. From the very beginning of American history, it has been covered itself with the protection of neutrality, su...