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From the End of One War to the Next

By Wang Zicheng in “essay” on February 5, 2022

The idea of nationalism has existed in the academic circle since 18th centuries with the French Revolution and the US Independence (Roeder, Philip G, 2007), and so far it provided a great approach for historians and sociologists to understand and analyze the driving factors that are behind certain historic events. Such works reached a peak in the 19th and 20th century, due to the widespread emergence of democratic (comparatively), industrialized ...

The Conception of the United States Foreign Policy at the End of 2010s

By Zhao Shuhan in “essay” on January 10, 2022

Barack Obama had said, “Do not change the future because of fear in the present.” However, some situations seem to be changing in the last few years. Since the 2016 United States presidential election had ended, the decisions made by the White House have always been controversial. Especially in foreign policy, the conservative and populist tendency has become increasingly evident; for those countries who challenge the United States’ benefits and ...

Spirit Possession and Roleplaying: How Does SELF Cope with Oppression

By Poon Hiu Wai in “essay” on January 10, 2022

Regarding spirit possession as roleplaying i.e., the possessed is playing the role of the spirit, is a modern mistake. The modernity—the belief in science—does tend to deny the meanings of spirit and trance, which play an important role in spirit possession yet do not exist in roleplaying. Based on the understanding of the difference between spirit possession and roleplaying, I think, they enable one’s self to cope with oppression in their own wa...